Why MD Adventure Travel?

There is no doubt that everybody wants better service and travel experience after spend money and time for the tours. And we beliefs in customer satisfaction. We provide you more than travel experience in a friendly environment whether you are in new place, new country or among strange people. You need to just make a call or mail to find your desired type of packages. We can manage our packages in your request.

When to Travel?

For the trekking, best seasons are Spring (March to early May) and Autumn (late September to November). Generally, the rainy seasons not quite good for trekking. But if it is concerned with travels and exploration, you can come at any time. You can ask us for details.

I am ready to book- what do I do?

Call 01-4435809/810 or e-mail us at mdadventuretravel@gmail.com with the following details.

  1. Full passenger name(s) as per your passport or Id issued by any government.
  2. Dates you wish to travel (let us know if you have any flexibility) and how long you want to stay.
  3. Contact number.
Can I travel with a one-way ticket to any country?

If you are not a citizens of that country you can not travel with a one way ticket. You need to have round-trip ticket.

When can I cancel my reservation if I’m not traveling?

You must cancel or change your reservation at least 24 hours in advance from the date of departure. If changes are not done within the time limit the ticket will not have any value and can’t be use. Penalty fees are depending on where you travelling.

What happens if there is an emergency?

All of our guides are trained in basic first aid and can deal with the basic ailments that may occur on trek. In the event of an emergency In the more frequented regions there are health posts, which have been established by foreign doctors and many are staffed by overseas personnel. If more than that emergency condition arise than rescue team will reach there for rescue taking certain charge.

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