Simrik Air Ticket

Ticketing Description

Simrik Air Ticket: Simrik Air, established in 2001. It is a leading helicopter company in Nepal with a superior track record in high altitude rescue services. Although it has proven as a leading rescue service provider with their trained pilots and rescue specialists from the USA and Switzerland. However, Simrik Air is the only company that boasts Nepalese pilots. Also, it carries out long line missions for rescues. Heli-ski, filming, external cargo sling/ load lifting, aerial survey, to name a few. While Simrik Air is steadily gaining worldwide recognition as one of the most prominent rotor wing airline in Nepal.

Simrik Air has been smoothly operating two Eurocopter AS 350B3e Ecureuil. Supplemented with remarkable features of easy take off and land in minor space and marginal weather conditions. These helicopters are simply the best in the industry. As well as the safest way to enjoy mountain flights and all sorts of helicopter services. Safety and versatility have been the hallmark of Simrik Air. While making it the most sought-after Aviation company since its very beginning.

Simrik Air is well versed and characterized by experienced and trained personnel always striving for the best with efficiency and dedication to render superb flying experience with safety first mantra. At the core of the company is its Operation crew, with thousands of hours of flying experience. And the Maintenance crew a qualified team of engineers trained in the USA, UK, and Russia with great skill in overhauls and line maintenance helicopters belonging to AS 350B series, BK 117, MI 17 and MI 8.

Umesh Ghimire